A World Without Guns!

Guns will be no more

A World Without Guns!

Another school shooting. Another mass murder. Blood is being shed before the eyes of their peers in real life. Innocent lives needlessly lost, cut short, leaving behind grieving fathers and mothers, siblings and friends, and a community giving way to tears. At the same time, there is this instant knee-jerk reaction of rage, trying to piece together what happened, pointing the blame, and calling for change. Social media becomes overrun with memes providing a quick and easy solution to the problem. But which side is right? Continue reading

“And the Word was a god” in other translations – John 1:1


A common charge made against the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is that it is the *only* bible to translate John 1:1c as “the Word was a god” due to some sort of anti-trinitarian bias. "and the word was a god" in the original GreekHowever, this is incorrect, as other translators, including known trinitarians, have seen something in the Greek grammar and context of the first chapter of John that made them render John 1:1 different from the traditional rendering “and the Word was God”. Here are some examples… Continue reading

Desperate Trinitarian Journalist Interviews Jesus & Friends

Interviewing Jesus

Even if Jesus himself said he was not a trinity, trinitarians still wouldn’t “get it”….

Trinitarian: Good morning folks. We are very blessed to have with us today Jesus Christ and some of the Apostles. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to come back down here to earth for this interview. We’re especially excited to have you here with us Jesus. Continue reading

Was Judas Present When Jesus Instituted The Lord’s Evening Meal?

Jesus makes a covenant with his 11 faithful apostles.

Someone asked the following question: Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses say that Judas was not present on the night that Jesus presented the New Covenant, instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal, and made the Kingdom Covenant with his apostles? The simple answer is that this is just what the Bible says. When they gathered for the Passover meal, all 12 were present. But during the meal Judas was dismissed, prior to the institution of what became known as the Lord’s Evening Meal.

However, there is one particular Gospel that causes some confusion.  Continue reading