Fist Fight: Priest Vs. Jehovah’s Witness

A Fort Worth Priest says he ended up in the hospital after a fight with Jehovah’s Witnesses earlier this week. The Priest is accusing the Jehovah’s Witnesses of attacking him, but fortunately a neighbor was an eye witness to the whole event and says the Catholic Priest threw the first punch.

Fist Fight

Finish Him!

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on the door of Priest Parnell’s door and his daughter answered it. Within moments, Mr. Parnell intervened in the conversation and stepped outside, started backing the Witnesses off his property, and then started swinging at them.

Father Parnell’s 26 year old daughter answered. Mary Parnell said the Jehovah’s Witnesses “talked at her” and that her father “rescued her.” But a fight between the Priest and the Jehovah’s Witnesses ended up in the street.

Parnell says grabbed his shirt, threw him down, and pounded on him until he passed out cold. However, his neighbor Harry Dwinell  who lives down the street from the church says he was an eyewitness to the fight. “I stood here and watched it happen.”

Dwinell says that despite what Parnell claims, it was actually the priest who attacked the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Dwinell said, “Rambo down there commenced to beat on them. I saw the first fist thrown. In fact, he was the only one throwing fist. He was in a fighting mode!”

Fort Worth Police are not listing him as a victim, but are investigating the situation and say that he very well could end up as the suspect.

Dwinell said that Priest Parnell “better say that rosary a whole bunch” cause right now it looks like he is going to hell.

Here is a video that someone sent to me of some news footage of the incident…

When you see the Priest Parnell in the video, it becomes really obvious there are serious holes in his story, as he mentions things that are so uncharacteristic of Jehovah’s people. He claims that the men entered his house and told his daughter that she “would be burned in the eternal fires of Gehenna if she did not listen to what he had to say”. Yeah, whatever! This statement is so out of harmony with Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and behavior.  He claims the Witnesses smacked the priests Bible out of his hand and said “I am here to tell you the truth”. He also claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses walked into his church during Easter mass and interrupted the service, and started passing out literature to all the attendants.

Again, you gotta be kidding right? Of course, because anybody familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to be hard pressed to buy into such a tale.

Parnell certainly cooked up an artfully contrived story, but he probably wasn’t counting on his neighbor watching the entire episode as it went down.


  1. I am neither a Jehovas Witness or a Catholic, but I am a Christian and I think this whole thing is RIDICULOUS!!
    Something smells like fish here, and I am inclined to think that it is this priest. I know enough about the Witnesses to know they don’t shove their way into a Mass and hand out literature and they would never smack a Bible out of someone’s hand; let alone threaten eternal damnation for refusing to listen to what they have to say!
    It is a good thing that both groups serve a mighty and forgiving God…looks as if he (the priest in question) owes someone an appology and he needs to take his anger to the cross and an anger management class as well.
    GEEZ!! Even the secular world knows this behavior is absolutely inappropriate! How is this a proper way to represent the love of our Father? He (the priest) cannot possibly think this is the answer to his frustrations with other peoples’ religious beliefs. I am truely appalled. 🙁

  2. Does this guy even know what the Witnesses teach? No Witness would EVER tell ANYONE they were going to burn ANYWHERE. We go to doors to tell people that NO ONE burns!! You’d think the guy would at least have a more prepared script!

  3. That is not a Jehovah’s witness.
    A real witness won’t do such things so please don’t post staf like that because it does not bring honer to Jah’s name

  4. Wow- what a bogus Catholic Priest. I’ve seen this too many times, piling up accusations on a JW just because someone doesn’t agree with what they teach.

    • I don’t think it does. If anything I think it makes the PRIEST look bad! Because most everyone knows we do not believe in as he put it “burning int gehenna”. So I think it is the priest that looks bad. Chalk another one for the Jay Dubs 😉 XD LOL

  5. Hello sisters. Did you read the article or watch the video? You’re point is exactly the point, a real Witness would not do such things, which just adds to the fact the the irate priest is making this all up.

  6. In one country after another the Witnesses have been persecuted for the preaching work. If the other so called Christians would do as required from the Christ wouldn’t this be a better world. The withnesses are the only religion that do try to encourage all Christians to better people. They don’t wait for people to come to them they go to the people. Christ did not sit in the tabernacle and wait for the people to come to him he search out those who were deserving and encouraged them to repent and turn around. If it were not for the witnesses this priest and other religions would not have the privileges they have. Many court battles all over the world for freedom of religion and gathering have been won by the withnesses so we may all have religious freedom. Right now they are still fighting to have freedom of expression in places like Russia and France. Also in a the Islamic places.

    Also I am a little confused aren’t Catholic preist suppose to be celibate? Where did the daughter come into the picture. Is this not breaking in Catholic behavior. If he can not matain proper Catholic behavior here maybe what is being said against him is true.

    From one who was raised Catholic (father’s side) and Southern Baptist (mother’s side). In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along.”

    • Interesting question re the daughter. I suppose he could have became a priest later in life.

      On the other hand, the news footage said that this little Catholic church was not part of the Fort Worth diocese, which means that his church is not officially Catholic but independent. Perhaps he wanted to father children and that was against the rules 🙂

      Who knows? and who care? 😉

  7. Read the article carefully. While the priest *claims* the witnesses beat him up…an eyewitness next door neighbor says that it was THE PRIEST that was landing the punches and the Witnesses did nothing.

    Still, Robert. I thought about putting this up, and it occurred to me that 1) any non-witness family or acquaintances might get the wrong idea. And 2) all I’d be doing is giving this lying representative of Babs the G another platform. So I refrained.

  8. what a lie’ing priest!!! he prolly doesnt even know that witnesses dont believe in the hellfire doctrine. Haha, his own neighbor is saying he’s a liar. SAD

  9. Hard to imagine anyone believing what the priest says, although there are plenty of anti-JW’s out there who would probably side with the priest simply because of their hatred for us.
    I remember when I first met Jehovah’s Witnesses I was at the time a born again christian & I had some pretty heated arguements with them over the trinity. One time I ordered the brother out of my house & told him to “GET OUT before I give you a smack in the mouth!!!” (I would never behave like that now). His responses were always calm, non-threatening & respectful He persisted in calling on me because he felt I was truly searching for truth. Jehovah’s servants would act the way the priest said? I think not…

    • I can remember when I first started publishing the good news, when someone wanted to argue, I was all for it. It took me a while to learn to walk away and “shake the dust of my feet” (Matthew 10:11-15)

    • Hello Tony,
      Yes this story is just that, a make believe story. I am married to a born again raised man who has a strong hold on the trinity, and so I just want to know what was it that finally made you give up the ghost? Agape’

  10. Notice his expression,(@ 0:40 ) and the shiftie eyes,( @ 1:05 )as he’s lying and trying to rescite his premeditated lies.Pure malice,but the truth should come out in court.

  11. i cant believe this, that priest has got to be joking. people must make more of an effort to think before they speak and make sense out of their lives and actions lol


    • Now let’s play nice 🙂 However, the group as a whole is developing a staggering reputation. There is a guy I talk to regularly that says he’s Catholic, although he doesn’t go to church or anything. We were talking the other day and he said he is about to renounce his association with Catholicism because of what he keeps seeing on the news.

  13. This is so ridiculous.. I guess this priest was not counting on the neighbors to be eye witness his behavior…. This man need some serious anger management classes..

  14. O my my!! I laughed so hard. The man is straight up telling ugly lies. WOW WEE!! Good the neighbor saw the whole thing. I do believe the sweet cherry wine got the best of the bogus priest.

  15. The priests behavior is horrible. Obviously, if you know any JW’s, you know they don’t act like this. I’m glad the neighbor saw what happened.

    As I look at the responses to this, I can’t help but note how many responders seem to be JWs. So I’d like to take this opportunity to respectfully point out a few things.

    One does not have to be a JW to be persecuted for standing up for the will of God. Nor does one have to be a JW to have a reputation for doing God’s will. And JWs are not the only group of people to encourage themselves and others outside of their group to be better and to do God’s will, as stated by a previous poster. Just something to think about. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Most of the comments are from Jehovah’s Witnesses, because I am one and I share the clip and blog entry with them, who in turn share it with other Witnesses, and so on and so on. So they are probably the largest audience here.

      Your point is well received and I think all of us would agree is a valid one. While we are zealous for our faith because we believe we have the truth and it touches our hearts, there is no denying that there are a lot of good people out there who are also trying to live up to God’s standards and trying to be a positive influence and a force for good, to the best of their knowledge and abilities.

      • Bob, you were right on with your comment. As Jehovah’s Witnesses we live our faith and never deny that there are others who care for their neighbors, etc. What I find interesting is that anyone who has contact with us knows that we do as Jesus commanded; “shake the dust off our feet” and we go on to the next door. I appreciate you being the voice of reason.


      • Actually, Dana, Jehovah’s Witnesses are one group among many that go door to door. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the only religious group that knocks on my door. The group of Christians I worship with also door knock as well as participate in World Bible School lessons, prison ministry, and send missionaries and mission groups that travel all over the world to preach to gospel to those who may not have heard it. It is true that JWs are very zealous about going door to door, but other groups are as well.

        • Oh yes, and the body of Christ I worship with also uses the Bible to back up what they are saying. We are very adamant about doing exactly as the Bible instructs, and to not add to or take away from it, as Jehovah has commanded.

          • On the “Moderate Comments” panel, I cannot tell if someone is replying to my blog entry, or to someone’s comment. I try not to allow comments through that start leading down the path of heated or off-topic debate.

            At my current residence, I have had mormons twice, baptists twice, and somebody from a non-denominational place down the street called “House of David” at my door. So yes, there are other groups who try to spread the word, so to speak. If nobody ever had, such a large population of people would not consider themselves Christian. Although today, the house to house ministry is something that Jehovah’s Witnesses are reknowned for, to the point where it is almost a “trademark”.

            But in an effort to stop what could be an endless and circular discussion before it gets any further along, I’m gonna have to cut this short. It’s not the type of thing I am interested in having on my blog. There are other sites for that.

            With that said, Dania, you have every reason to be proud to be counted among Jehovah’s Witnesses. And Laura, your being “conscious of your spiritual need” (Matthew 5:3) and believing “all scripture is inspired of God” (2 Timothy 3:16) is to be commended.

            – Bob

  16. Just HIS body language and expressions give the viewer insight into his behaviors and mental state. I find it reassuring that so many non-Witnesses are confirming and validating the conduct of our Brothers to be above reproach. As a side referrence remember that people in Jesus’ day called him “a man gluttonous and given to drinking wine, a friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Matt. 11:19) but the verse ends by saying “All the same, wisdom is proved righteous by its works”. The investigation will show that this priest has a convoluted “memory” and his own neighbors will be the ones who are testifying against him. Wisdom is indeed proved righteous by its works !

      • I think she means the priest. The things he would says and how he would say it, shifty eyes and all animated. The way he presents himself makes you raise an eyebrow and does not make a good first impression. It could just be his personality though, and perhaps he’s one of these guys you think is totally strange until you get to know him and find out he is totally strange, but a nice guy 🙂

  17. Look what’s happening here in Europe with the catholic priests ,what they do to little children.This is not the end of it yet,you wait and see.I’m a witness and time will tell.Thank you

  18. I feel sorry for this Priest because he is a great big liar,,,, This will turn into more people leaving the Catholic
    church, first its the rape of young children,,,and now lies after lies,,, i guess the people will wake up more to the truth,,,,, JW. never talks about burning in Hell,,, They are telling the good news of the Kingdom of God,,, Where the people can be happy to learn the Truth…….And live a happier life…..VM.

  19. Not every priest….esp this sort of fringe priest….knows just what JW’s believe. He only knows that they’re not Catholic. Moreover, there are religious characters, non-JWs, whom I can easily picture saying and doing exactly what he said the JWs did. Disliking them all, I can easily picture him painted them with the same brush, not being particular as to exactly who said what.

    Maybe that’s what happened?

    • Interesting angle, but apparently the newscasters did speak with the Jehovah’s Witnesses involved, so it seems for certain they are brothers.

      About 9 years ago at my old job, my boss said he answered a knock at his door and there were 2 young kids with a video camera asking him stupid questions, not even religious oriented questions, and they said they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. He wanted me to explain what was the purpose of their rudeness.

      Of course, I had to explain that they were not Witnesses, but just a couple young punks with a camera being obnoxious.

  20. LOL….This is so funny..The priest a big liar and look at his face too.. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t teach people burn in hell for one thing (The priest telling the media his beliefs lol), Plus Jehovah’s Witnesses would never fist fight somebody and also they would never tell people their here to tell you the truth or treaten people by saying if you don’t listen lol, they would not even step in a church to hand out anything lol. Boy that priest hate Jehovah’s Witnesses to the point he would lie even in the church lol Well the Bible will recognize them by their fruit. Liar Liar pants on fire lol…..That is what Christendom has done to many people..LIE to them. That is why people get fed up of religion. Well soon Jehovah going to put an end to it as shown in his word. Lets see how it unfold.

  21. WT 11/08 mag. is just chocked full of everything that proves this guy a liar with all of the scriptures to go with it.
    From the Catholic teachings origins, Jesus teachings about Hell, the meaning of the lake of fire, and how what the Bible says about these things should motivate us to pure worship. It even covers a hope for the dead, Jesus sacrifice, commitment in marriage, and the icing on the cake is page 30 where the illustration caption shows “Our standing firm depends on applying what we learn.” notice the bottom picture and how the illustration shows that we should shun arguing the same as we would shun overindulgence in alcohol as unchristian behavior!

  22. The Hero in this story is the neighbor! Wow he is to be commended for displaying honesty despite the fact that the Priest may give him a hard time for coming forward with the truth and making him look like what he is, A LIAR. He couldn’t even get our beliefs right. In all this Jehovah’s name is vindicated because “even non witness individuals” themselves recognize that JW’s for the most part are known not to be aggressive or abusive to their neighbors and specially when witnessing from door to door.

    • I have to agree completely about the neighbor being the hero of this story. I’m not a JW, but I study the Bible extensively. Their teachings outstrip all others in their reasonable approach. I love watching programs about unraveling mysteries of God, but it’s just more questions. Jehovah’s Witnesses have the answers, but who am I but a history nut and literature freak?

      • I love biblical history and literature related to biblical languages and the history of the early church, myself. Those programs can be interesting to watch, but you’re right, they sure don’t unravel much in the end 🙂

        Keep up your studies!

  23. I’m sorry, I had to laugh, only because this was so ridiculous! Now I’ve heard some whoppers about Jehovah’s Witnesses, but this one takes the cake. Jehovah’s Witnesses are schooled their whole lives on how to handle someone confrontational, and that is simply to walk away. Jesus teachings were those of mildness, we aren’t there to fight, but to give a very important message, doing as Jesus commanded, to tell people about Jehovah and his Kingdom that will put an end to all kingdoms (governments) and He will bagin his rule. Our message is a good one, and we don’t even believe in people burning forever. We pray that people will listen to the message, look around at the world conditions and see for themselves what is going on. It’s time for everyone to take a stand and LISTEN to our Creator via His messengers!

  24. It is quite rediculous, thinking about what the witnesses believe and the claims of the priest, immediately you realize that there are holes in the version of the priest comments… However let’s not forget that many innocent people are in jail and many guilty are free…
    Let’s hope there won’t be false witnesses (no pun intended) to give a voice to the story of the so called priest.

  25. This is a clear example of the kind of persecution the witnesses face. Granted, the Witnesses will always stay calm in the face of verbal or even physical abuse. What a fine witness and evidence of Christlike personality. May Jehovah forgive that so-called priest.

  26. This is ridiculous!! People actually display rapid twitches in facial muscles when they tell lies, and in this case, it is most evident..he even blushed..If it’s Jehovah’s will that the priest will be one of His servants someday, he will tell the true story, until then,it’s a pity..

  27. you kno it’s really sad. Did anyone notice for one moment that he was actually lying in front of the cross. You know the one he does his hail mary’s too….That is so sad, and he should feel ashamed. The pope sould go and visit him and have a long talk with his priest. what an idiot!

    • Isn’t “Thou shalt not lie” like one of the first things we ever learned 🙂 Since his Catholic church is a breakaway from the local Diocese there, I don’t know if the pope would even acknowledge him.

  28. I feel very sorry for the priest, i pray that Jehovah will forgive him for the bad that he did, of cause I’ve seen people who did wast than him and mercy was shown to them, but that is if he is really prepared to change his way, J.W. are used to persecution we expect it, it helps us to preach, no one can tell for sure how many people can come to served Jah through this -including the neighbor(s) around who witness what happened firsthand. Pls don’t under estimate Jah’s way of doing things.udj

  29. One thing I have learned, and anyone who knows a liar will agree with this…If you notice, the priest can not look the person or the camera in the “eye” when he is telling his story. I have learned anyone who is telling a lie unless they are REALLY good at it, the liars cannot look you in the eye while telling you their story…it makes it easier for them to lie because they don’t have to look the person in the face and lie straight at them, they have to look away so they can actually get the story out straight faced, or without a stutter, it keeps them focused on their story, so that their isn’t so many holes…sort of, but ALL liars will slip up somehow. ALL. Liars get nervous when they have to look you in the eye, so when you want the truth…look the person in the eye…if they can’t, you know there is something missing.

    • To the priest
      If you knew anything about J.W you would know they do not believe in the hell fire teaching and they would never enter anyone church with an invitation especially on Easter
      maybe if you had taken time to listen you might have learned that from your own bible.

  30. So sorry to here this story when it was presented to me. What i do not understand is I am a JW I have been for over 17yr, if you are not interested in us coming to your door just simply say I’m not interest. Why result to violence!! That never gets the point across was this brother who was attacked and older man or a youn man? Not does it matter I was just thinking maybe he felt it would be easier to assault an older brother? As this system gets closer we should not be suprised. Agape,

  31. I am deeply disturbed because I have been a JW for almost twenty years and know for a fact that JW’s would never initiate a fight. And certainly never would they go into a church on any day and certainly not holidays and pass out literature, we are God abiding citizens and need only be told that the person is not interested. Once we are told this we would never go to that house uninvited.

    I am sorry that the priest had to go to such length to make trouble, but we are at a time when people will persecute you and lyingly say every manner of wicked thing against you.

  32. wow this is crazy. eternal fire? excuse me sir but we dont belive in a burning hell perhaps you should listen a little more next time then you can try to pin something on us. Sorry for you troubles sir. O yes by the way your neighbor was not the only one watching. 1 Timothy 1:10

  33. Jehovah’s Witnesses are the most peaceful people in the world. They are taught to deliver their message of truth to all humanity (Matt 24:14)
    The whole world of witnesses and non witnesses know that the priest threw the first punch, look at his demeanor he looks ready for a throw down anytime in contrast to the witnesses. He must remember though that the witnesses live by bible principles, and ar Zec 2;8 says “he that is touching you is touching my eyeball” so Mr. Priest you better watch out, Jehovah takes care of His own.

    • Yes indeed! That is also why we should work house to house territory in two’s, as Jesus instructed. Working by yourself could be very dangerous.

  34. thats so what!!!! ejeje we jehovah witnesses.. preach withe love becaz we have a god of love… 1john4:8….. why would we say that his daughter would burn in hell if it doesnt exsisted…. ecl.9:5

  35. Wow that priest must be kidding.Like seriusly who does he think his fooling.All that he said was all made up.Anybody who know the jehova witnesses would know that we dont force anybody to change we just encorage.Also we dont even believe in hell.But i guess we can see we have to be matter what happens he wont be getting ride of us

  36. No matter how hard some may try to lie about Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to built a bad reputation of them, those humble hearted people wont believe and this wont stop us from declaring the good news. Isaiah 54:17

  37. Interesting… so is that 26 year old woman really his daughter? if so, I thought catholic priests were not allowed to have children or get married. Is he married or is he a single parent? didn’t see the misses on there…

    If that’s NOT his daughter… well then that’s even more interesting that a 26 year old “girl” is at his place and pretending to be the “daughter”.

    Jehovah’s People are peaceful, don’t believe in hell, are not violent, are loving, and would never get into a fist fight with anyone.

    I seriously can’t imagine a Jehovah’s Witness wanting to set foot into a catholic church for any reason. They don’t hand out tracts or magazines or anything at anyone’s churches!

    His story is so flawed its actually comical.

  38. PSALMS 83:18 says” THAT PEOPLE MAY KNOW THAT YOU WHOSE NAME IS JEHOVAH ,IS THE MOST HIGH OVER ALL THE EARTH”…He will fight for us.We don’t need to pressure ,or hurt anyone. We represent Jehovah.Maybe the priest did’nt want the girl to start studying.TO LEARN THE TRUTH .

  39. Same way they did to Jesus.JESUS said if we do right with Jehovah they do anything not to here what we have to say about the good new…………!

  40. I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, but I work with a couple of them. Eventhough I am not a religious person, I must say that I do respect their beliefs and principles. A bit extreme as far a abstinence and just a little too clean for my liking but I would trust them with my family and money any day. They are very sincere and kind people. There is no way in hell that I believe this priest for one second.

  41. wow!!!
    i can’t help but laugh… the is dumb, no wonder his killing himself with lies… Jehovah’s doesn’t teach hell fire because there’s no such place.. and we happen to know the meaning of “gehene”…

  42. HA! this really made my day! i cant believe someone would go that far to make a name for himself… its nice to see that so many people know that this is all a joke. While he is trying to make a bad name of Jehovahs people, he ended up making a good name! people know how peacful we all are! Jehovah will not be mocked!!!!!


  44. What we have here was a brisk, free spirited, and “eye opening” REFRESHING, exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and FISTS! See, all three persons involved in this “discussion” just felt the need to EXPRESS their deepest feelings, sentiments and concerns in a way which was FREE FROM CONFUSION. I have no doubt that the people involved CLEARLY COMPREHEND what the other was saying, since FISTS leave no confusion, and definitely do not have a language barrier. Knuckle sandwiches are apparently a nutritious and effective way to SHARE feelings:)

    • What we have here is a so-called priest making unfounded accusations in an attempt to bolster the size of his congregation, and thus his income.

      A neighbor saw this “priest” hitting one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but no one who saw this happening is accusing the Witnesses of anything.

      He’s not a real Catholic Priest, He is a priest of the “Mexican Catholic Church”, and their church services are held on his property in a converted building (garage?). He is not affiliated with the actual Catholic Church.

  45. Here’s a few scriptures the priest should be aware of :

    (Isaiah 54:17) 17 Any weapon whatever that will be formed against you will have no success, and any tongue at all that will rise up against you in the judgment you will condemn. This is the hereditary possession of the servants of Jehovah, and their righteousness is from me,” is the utterance of Jehovah.

    (Acts 5:35,38,39) And he said to them: “Men of Israel, pay attention to yourselves as to what YOU intend to do respecting these men.. . . say to YOU, Do not meddle with these men, but let them alone; (because, if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; but if it is from God, YOU will not be able to overthrow them;) otherwise, YOU may perhaps be found fighters actually against God.. . .

    Jehovah doesn’t take it kindly when someone tries to frame mischief against him people.

  46. Jehovah’s witnesses would never enter into any church, nor would they ever knock any bible out of anyone’s hand as all scriptures in all bibles are inspired of God 2Tim 3:16 beneficial for teaching REPROVING AND SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT. I am sure this priest did not have any bible in his hands. And a daughter? mmmmmm where did she come from /or is that really his daughter? lol.. If this priest knew his bible he would know Jehovah never has ever told anyone they cannot marry/ in fact he states if you take the lead/ you must show yourself as a role model by the way you treat your wife/family..
    I hope this priest along with his many other cohorts who abuse alter boyz get locked up like Satan will one day. I hope He is made the laughing stalk of his entire congregation…I also hope he is locked up for assault as that is the law of the land and he is not immune to that. Further more Jehovah witnesses teach the kingdom hope as Jesus did in the Our father / thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it was in heaven.. we never scare people with lies about hell Fire like this catholic priest does for the simple fact it does not exist.. it’s a pagan teaching that originates with Satan and every Jehovah’s witness knows this. We teach people the truth about Jah . that he is loving and would never burn anyone for eternity. We lovingly follow Jesus command to preach this good news to the entire earth Mathew 24:14 as did Jesus who set the pattern over 2,000 years ago. We teach Jehovah’s hope he has for mankind John 3:16 you will either inherit everlasting life or be destroyed/perish away… Jehovah’s witnesses are messengers of the true God Jehovah Isaiah 43:10 or in other words witnesses to the truth and are True Disciples of his son Christ Jesus..

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