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Hello there,

My name is Robert Angle, and this page is a gateway to the various places I am active on the internet, such as social networks as well as my family Vlog channel – BDRC.tv. I’ve been squatting on this domain since before social networking, back when people connected to each other via blogging, so included here are my theological ruminations, or mediations. I still add entries from time to time.

I am a small business owner that does kitchen and bath remodeling, an internet junkie with a fascination with HTML, Javascript, Perl, and PHP… well maybe not Perl that much anymore, a family man, and also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have a decent amount of friends in real life and a goodly portion of associates on the internet. The content on this blog is what may be of interest to them, and if you like it too, well, wonderful!

Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christians who take seriously what the Bible teaches in contrast to other denominations who adhere man-made creeds and handed-down traditions. I’ve been to more churches than I care to admit, and must tell you that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the most Christ-o-centric religion on the planet. You can learn more about our beliefs, what Christianity is all about, and the Bible at our official website, JW.org