A Fort Worth Priest says he ended up in the hospital after a fight with Jehovah’s Witnesses earlier this week. The Priest is accusing the Jehovah’s Witnesses of attacking him, but fortunately a neighbor was an eye witness to the whole event and says the Catholic Priest threw the first punch.

Fist Fight

Finish Him!

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on the door of Priest Parnell’s door and his daughter answered it. Within moments, Mr. Parnell intervened in the conversation and stepped outside, started backing the Witnesses off his property, and then started swinging at them.

Father Parnell’s 26 year old daughter answered. Mary Parnell said the Jehovah’s Witnesses “talked at her” and that her father “rescued her.” But a fight between the Priest and the Jehovah’s Witnesses ended up in the street.

Parnell says grabbed his shirt, threw him down, and pounded on him until he passed out cold. However, his neighbor Harry Dwinell  who lives down the street from the church says he was an eyewitness to the fight. “I stood here and watched it happen.”

Dwinell says that despite what Parnell claims, it was actually the priest who attacked the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Dwinell said, “Rambo down there commenced to beat on them. I saw the first fist thrown. In fact, he was the only one throwing fist. He was in a fighting mode!”

Fort Worth Police are not listing him as a victim, but are investigating the situation and say that he very well could end up as the suspect.

Dwinell said that Priest Parnell “better say that rosary a whole bunch” cause right now it looks like he is going to hell.

Here is a video that someone sent to me of some news footage of the incident…

When you see the Priest Parnell in the video, it becomes really obvious there are serious holes in his story, as he mentions things that are so uncharacteristic of Jehovah’s people. He claims that the men entered his house and told his daughter that she “would be burned in the eternal fires of Gehenna if she did not listen to what he had to say”. Yeah, whatever! This statement is so out of harmony with Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and behavior.  He claims the Witnesses smacked the priests Bible out of his hand and said “I am here to tell you the truth”. He also claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses walked into his church during Easter mass and interrupted the service, and started passing out literature to all the attendants.

Again, you gotta be kidding right? Of course, because anybody familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to be hard pressed to buy into such a tale.

Parnell certainly cooked up an artfully contrived story, but he probably wasn’t counting on his neighbor watching the entire episode as it went down.